BirthdayChecker V2.2.1

©Benno Eberle, 2000


- What is it?

BirthdayChecker is a small and ultra fast program which scans a TEXT-file and searches for birthdays that will be occurring in the next few days. If you put an alias in the start-up folder, your Mac will check the birthdays every day for you!


The following warning window appears:


- How does it work?

BirthdayChecker searches for a TEXT file named "" in the same folder in which it is located. If no dates are found during the scan, it quits itself and nothing happen. If one or more dates are found, they will be shown in an attractive window which can moved around the screen and left open in the background until you take some action. The pressing of any key or a click in the close box of the window will close it.

If more than one date is found, they will be sorted after the date. An entry occurring today will be shown in bold letters.


- It's fast and easy!

The scan of the data needs only a fraction of a second (on my machine with some 100 dates!). For testing I have tried it with 700 of dates and there was no noticeable difference as compared with the previous 100! The number of days to warn before a birthday is adjustable. In the same way, you can choose if you want the dates to be read and displayed in the German (DD.MM) or the American format (MM.DD). You can also use the German format with English titles which is called the Euro-format! The header displayed in the birthday window and the width of the window are also adjustable. You can place several copies of BirthdayChecker in different folders and, in this manner, not only check for birthdays but also for other important date.

If you like BirthdayChecker, please support Shareware and pay the registration fee!


- Registration

If you like BirthdayChecker send me 6$ or 10 German Marks and you'll get a registration code. Please send only money since checks cost more than they are worth! If you do not have an account at which can be reached on the internet, please include a self-addressed envelope and German stamps or add 2$ for postage. The international voucher for stamps is not well accepted in Germany! Registered programs will no longer display a "pay" message and the nerving beep will not longer be heard!


- Parameters

BirthdayChecker is adjustable in many ways. Adapt it for your own needs and wishes! To open the preferences dialog, hold down the Apple-key (or command-key) while starting BirthdayChecker.

The following window will appear:


The following parameters can be adjusted:


- Format

The dates must be placed in the file You can edit the file with a texteditor (e.g. SimpleText or BBEdit light). The date must be placed at the beginning of the line followed by a separator and the message text. The used format of the day can be adjusted in the preferences window.

10.27.1858: Theodore Roosevelt
11.22.1967: Boris Becker


A separate number of warning days can be used for each line. Put this number of warning days for the line enclosed in angled brackets at the beginning of the entry:

[30]12.12.1915: Francis Albert Sinatra
[100]01.02.1815: Mister Nobody

- Author

Benno Eberle
Magdeburger Ring 50f
76344 Eggenstein

- History

1.0  First release, works fine with 68k and PPC!
1.1  Will now work with no-color Quickdraw machines such as the MacPlus
     and SE!
1.2  Added handling routines for the standard Apple-events such as
     kAEQuitApplication, to have a "clean" shutdown.
1.3  Fixed a little bug in the display procedure.
1.4  Added calculation of age. Added display of date. Now plays the
     sound asynchronously. Compiled with CW7.
1.5  Added display of the day of week. Window width is now adjustable.
     Added additional separators.
1.6  [15.12.95] Fixed a bug so that the automatic termination of the
     program now works correctly.
     No longer a Fat version but two separate versions for both processor
     types for a better performance and use of memory.
     Added the "E" option  for "European" date format so that English
     titles can be used the with the "German" date format!
     Fixed a stupid bug in the age calculation procedure!
     Fixed a bug which prevented recognition of events occurring in the
     next year!
2.0  [24.02.96] Partly newly written code. Complete new interface for
     adjusting parameters. Handling is somewhat more Mac-like! New
     functions. Minor bug fixes.
2.01 Fixed a silly bug which sometimes bring out a registration box
     although it is registered.
2.02 New email address. Adjusted Read Me. Compiled with CW8
2.1  New address.  New functions: Choose sound and volume. Remember
     last window position.
     Fixed a bug sometimes crushes the sound. Compiled with CW9
2.2  [28.09.97] Added the sorting of the shown entries. Makes entries
     with date of today bold.
     Added optional warning time for each entry in the list.
2.2.1[02.02.2000] New Address. Corrected the display of the date.